I have been learning Odissi for four years and Sarita Mishra was my first guru and I am still her student. I not only believe that she is a wonderful dancer but also thinks that she is a very encouraging teacher as well. She is very caring to her students. She has taught me to be a strong person and to be organized and independent in everything I do. She has stressed the importance of punctuality in life to me as well. She has given exposure of various platforms of Odissi spectacles to her students and has given us many opportunities to display the art form of Odissi through the medium of performances. She emphasises the importance of expressing oneself. She gives everyone a second chance. She may be a strict and determined teacher but fun and laughter has it’s share in her classes as well and I anticipate all her classes with joy. She is very loyal to her students and the entire concept of dance and expression itself. I believe that it is her immense love for dance that makes her such an amazing guru.